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Making an app that will satisfy every need of the user is a difficult task, but the closer you come to it the more chance you stand to outdo the others. It is the thrill of meeting a new person, who is not from your usual surroundings. It is a great alternative for potentially having to create an account on matrimonial sites. With casual dating, the name of the game, online dating has become a heaven for hook-ups and casual encounters. Rarely have they led to something more profound and meaningful.

So if you use Dating apps for a similar purpose, here are my top 5 favorite dating apps. Besides, it only lets you log in when you connect it to Facebook. Which is amazing because that eliminates a lot of fake profiles from ruining your experience?

Essentially how it works is you log in, add your profile picture and your interests. This way you only interact with people who you have shared interests with. But knowing that my date and I share an interest in Politics, or Star Wars, or Bollywood Music, really helps the process along. It shows you users who are online, which I am not particularly fond of, but I feel some people might like it. I really like that.

Best Dating Apps in India

The app is also very easy to use and quite user-friendly. But otherwise it is certainly one of my favorite dating apps in India today. What I like about Tinder is the sheer amount of users on it.

10 Best Dating Apps in India for Android and iOS

You never run out of people on the app, which is really great. It is definitely the most popular platform out there, but that also opens it up to a lot of spam and catfishes.

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Tinder has a Facebook connect as well. From what I have experienced they never post on Facebook without your permission. Tinder is insanely easy to use, with a simple interface that is really easy to get the hang of. The reason Tinder is second is because it screams casual dating. What OKCupid lacks in users, it makes up for in the complexity of the algorithm. OkCupid asks you for your interests and matches you with people based on that. Really takes the guesswork out.

I also really like the ability of the app to work seamlessly on both Mobile platforms and in your browser. Which could be construed as both convenient or creepy. It shows you people you like and people who like you. You can see these answers for your matches and even start conversations with them based on their answers. It really helps you eliminate people who you probably have nothing in common with.

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Happn makes the experience very localized. It only connects you with people who you have crossed paths with.

It sounds a little weird, but trust me when you use it, it feels good. Woo Dating is a women-oriented app, so it aims to quell the fears women have while using a dating app. I like that it aims to create a safe environment for people to meet and talk. It also has some women-specific features that is again meant to ensure security. Although I feel the process of setting up an account of Woo is a little cumbersome. And occasionally it crashes.

These are what I believe are the best Dating Apps in India today. Hope you have a great experience with them! Tinder - Android Apps on Google Play. You can write to me on Richa Pathak 01richa90 Twitter for more queries. It has got some unique features. In most of this apps you require to have fab look and perfect bio i. HookedUp is a social meeting platform through which you can connect, meet and date people with similar interests.

All the profiles go through a strict verification process increasing their credibility. Most importantly, the application is free and doesn't have any in-app purchases. User can connect with profiles without them knowing about it and connections are established only when they connect back. If you don't like a profile you have two options: Show Later or Reject.

In Show Later option, the profile will come back for viewing after sometime. But, under Reject option the profile will be removed permanently.

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Profiles are displayed first on the basis of your Settings filters, then on the number of mutual interests and then on the distance if there are no mutual interests. By default, sliding the profiles to the left triggers the Show Later option which cannot be changed. So, if you slide a profile left, that profile will come after sometime. There is no option of sliding the profile right.

To connect with a profile, user has to click on the Connect button. InstaConnect is a feature by which users will be able to connect with people in and around their area. On InstaConnect, users will be able to view only those profiles which also have this mode switched ON. On this mode when you connect with a profile, a request is sent. You cannot change the distance and your location on this mode. Ask For A Coffee is a feature which allows you to increase the chance of connecting with a profile you like the most.

This feature doesn't work in the InstaConnect mode and also, there is a cap of maximum 2 coffee requests per week that can be sent. Nearby Connections page shows you all the connections which are in and around you. As soon as your connection comes nearby, both of you will get a notification so that you can catch up. The application controls the nearby distance value.

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Show Only Facebook Friends- This option can be exercised only in the InstaConnect mode and allows you to filter the profiles by your Facebook friends so that you can connect with them easily. You can get your account verified by going to the Account Type screen from the Navigation Drawer in the application and then uploading your ID Proof along with the necessary details.

Your all the details will be private, secure and confidential. Getting the account verified increases the credibility of your profile and also increases the chance of getting more connections. Users can change the settings according to their suitability. Users can also disconnect a connection or may also wish to report the profile from the Chat screen if they experience any kind of abuse. Only profiles which are connected will be able to chat with each other.

So, you don't have to worry about troublesome chat messages from profiles with which you haven't connected. HookedUp segregates the users in two buckets: Users won't be able to view the profiles across the buckets. The application designed keeping in mind the safety of everyone specially of minors and females and has been well received by the female population.