My mom is dating after my dad died

Maybe she's doing it to try to break the proverbial ice, but that's not the way to go about it. My mom passed away five years ago and I know I would not have been ready to deal with him dating 2 months after her passing. It's only in the last year that he has expressed any interest in seeing someone and I'm ok with that.

Is there any way you can have a honest dialogue with your dad and tell him that while you are happy for him, you are not yet ready to have this woman in your life? Who is hosting Thanksgiving? Your family could always elect to do something different if he insists on bringing her -- perhaps have your own Thanksgiving at home or dine out or go to your in-laws.

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I'm so sorry about your mother and the way you are feeling right towards your father. My case is just opposite. My daughters didn't think I mourned long enough. I told my daughters that no one will ever replace their fathers love with me we were together 44 years from the time we were 17 years old. No one on this earth could ever lessen my love or time will never make it better.

But to never judge someone that has lost the person that love because no one knows when you start mourning for that person. For me it was the first day we were told he had cancer already stage. I started my grieving then because life changed at that moment. I also grieved every time I loaded him in the car for all the treatments we had for a year and watched him and our dreams die with him every day ubtil he took his last breath so griving doest start at the time of death. Now my oldest daughter hasn't spoken to me in months she lives 4 blocks away.

I never cheated on my husband but when you first start seeing another it's a feeling that is something strange. But remember this always family is what makes everything. Hard to say but our loved ones that are gone aren't coming back no matter how much all of us want it we just have to try and find our way now. Your father will always be your father and your mother the same.

I'm sure he has love for all. I think we have to be careful in judging the grieving person, your father may have been grieving long before your mother died. My husband battled cancer for 18 months, I started grieving the moment I heard the word cancer.

Goodbye Mom ♥

There were flags along the way prior to the diagnosis. Nothing can erase our marriages.. Again, for those who paint it so.. I would not spend Thanksgiving with this woman.. Hello i am a 51 yr old male with my wife recently diagnosed stage 4 PC, Your dad is the same age as me i have been with my wife for 32 yrs. If iwas in your fathers situtation i would be scared of bad luck , In my opinion he should be ashamed of himself and should not in NO WAY be bringing someone new into your lifes. I would pray for him and ask for forgivness from mom , You dont need two family tradgedys! Your post is inappropriate.

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Is My Widowed Mother ‘Moving On’ Too Soon?

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View all of our message board topics. And now hes with some other woma and he wants me and my brother to meet her kids next week and i honeslty dont want to because i feel she would replace my mom in my dads heart it makes my depression worse not because hes daiting just because it makes it seem more real that my mom died. Ive already been in therapy for months now since i was diagnosed with depression and its been really hard to get through it i feel like i took it the hardest. About my moms death than anyone i break down all the time and i dont feel lile good things could happen to me anymore and i went through this time where i would cut and try to kill myself but i realized my famoly doesnt need to go through another death.

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  • And i always see myself getting more mad at my dad for little things like i saw on his facebooks messages he got my moms death year wrong and that made me so mad All in all i want him to be happy but i dont feel lile i can accept that he could find love with someone that isnt my mom.. My mum and Dad broke up 1 year ago.

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    My dad lives on the other side of Australia and me and my 3 siblings live with my mum. I just want my dad to be that guy!! I really wanna read them but I know it will just make me more upset. I want her to be happy, but I want her to be happy with my dad, not anyone else!! Hey, my name is Aimee.

    Im 16 and have 2 siblings. My father has been gone for nearly 7 years. Feels like the other day! It was a car collision. My mom never dated until recently. She sat us down and told us we were important to her and she wanted to be open with us. Then we get the big shock …. She told us she wanted us involved and comfortable.

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    • So we found ourselves sitting at Applebees with this person. When he comes to our house we all eat pizza, play games and watch movies. We kinda feel like a family with him now. He also brought us someone….. She really helps tie us together. I feel very lucky..

      Does she call me sweetness?

      need advice — hard time dealing with dad dating someone right after my mom died

      I cry in bed at night. My mother had also started dating a year after my father passed away. She has had 4 boyfriends since and none of them worked out. My parents have been separated for about 6 years now. My dad has another wife and other children that I am totally fine with. On the other hand I could not imagine my mom with another guy. She is talking to this guy and I okce read her messages. I am not really happy with it. She says that they have on ly gone on a few dates. I am really mad and I feel very disgusted when she talks to him because she laughs and says things back.

      I have also found other things like pictures and nasty messages. What should I do?!?! I have never thought that there were actually more teens like me, out there. Yet, a lot of the feelings and the problems that I have are the same as the ones that are discussed here.

      When Mom or Dad wades back in the dating pool – The Chart - Blogs

      My father died 10 years ago November 2 and though I have grown up, married and am living my own life, my father and his passing still effects me. My mother started dating someone last year and recently she told me that they were to be married. I keep wondering about what this means for us. We were and to be perfectly honest sill are not the most functional of families.